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Facial Care

Lip Balm
Smooth and buttery, substantial without being overly waxy.

Mint...peppermint and spearmint essential oils
Vanilla...lightly flavored with buttercream flavor oil
Mango...lightly flavored with mango papaya flavor oil
Lip Balm
0.15 oz lip tube
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Facial Cleansing Oil
and the Oil Cleansing Method

Whaaat?  Use oil on my face??  Heck no.  Why in the world would I use oil on my already dry, acne-prone skin?  Or that's what I thought when I first heard of the Oil Cleansing Method (OCM). But after reading more about it, I decided to give it a try.  Chemically it made sense (I AM the analytical nerd-type after all).  That was 3 years ago and I haven't looked back.  

Something else I found interesting:  I recently tried a new facial in a spa that uses chemical peels and a device to plane micro layers from the skin while literally sucking out the debris lodged in the pores, and the esthetician said she'd show me how much garbage was removed from my skin, as most people are stunned at how much junk there is...she was shocked to see there was hardly anything in the container when she was done.  So basically I spent $120 and endured an hour of stinging skin tofind out the cheap, simple, natural way I was cleaning my face was doing just fine. Oh well.

Here's my take on the OCM after years of scrubbing my dry, acne-prone skin with commercial cleansers. And I've tried quite a few including some pretty pricey ones at spas and salons...even those didn't work like I'd hoped (plus I couldn't afford to keep spending $35-$100 each time I ran out).  Foaming cleansers left my face dry and tight, lotion cleansers didn't clean, and neither one removed my industrial-strength eye makeup.

Commercially available facial cleansers can contain detergents and chemicals that upset the protective lipid and acid mantle of the skin, leaving it tight and flaky, or worse, broken out or irritated.  Veggie, nut, fruit and seed oils are very effective natural and gentle cleansers.  They work because of the chemical principle of "like dissolves like."  Since most makeup is oil-based, oils effectively remove makeup and debris--even mascara and stay-put eyeliner dissolve instantly--and they leave the skin soft and healthy.
How to do it:
It's really easy and quite relaxing.  Moisten face with warm water.  Using about a teaspoon of cleansing oil, gently massage over face for a minute.  Moisten a soft cloth with warm water and steam face for a bit.  Do this a few times to open pores and let the oil do its work.  Moisten your cloth with warm water again and wipe over face and eye area to remove the oil and debris.   Something I do:  while face is still damp, use a drop or two of oil to moisturize (I do this at night, because in the morning I use my lotion to moisturize so my makeup doesn't slide off!).
Everyone's skin chemistry is different, so whether this is too oily for you or will cause breakouts, I can't say for certain.  Oil cleansing works well for me.  I have not experienced any more breakouts than normal--in fact, I don't break out as much as I used to.
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