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Handcrafted Glycerin Soap

First, a little glycerin soap lesson...

Technically, "glycerin soap" is what all handmade soaps are.  Handmade, natural soaps retain their natural glycerin, which is desirable because it is a humectant, meaning it attracts moisture, which can help keep skin hydrated.  

However, do an internet search for "glycerin soap" and you may find clear or opaque soaps, often with designs embedded in them.  This type of soap can either be a blend of detergents and chemicals, or a natural soap base that has been processed to make it clear (or white).  Either one is known as "melt-and-pour soap," meaning the soap base can be cut up, melted, molded, designed and scented to the artist's liking.  (Note:  If you see a soap label that says it's made from pure vegetable glycerin (and I have seen this many times at craft shows), that's impossible, because pure vegetable glycerin is a viscous liquid.  There are most certainly other ingredients in that bar.) 

The nice thing about this soap is it holds scent very well, and essential oils stand out.  It also showcases designs within the soap, including the sparkle of glitter or the sheen of mica powders.  They're just plain fun and the sky's the limit with designs and scents.  There is also little to no waste from doing this...soap scraps get re-purposed into other soaps.

I use a high-quality natural soap base (from one of my long-time suppliers) that is gentle on skin and lathers nicely.  I call this soap "handcrafted" on my labels because I do not make the actual soap base from scratch, but I do use it to create my own end product.  Venturing into making an actual melt-and-pour soap base is just not something I want to tackle right now, so this base works perfectly for me.

These soaps are terrific sellers, and my customers say they lather beautifully and are gentle on skin.

Each batch is unique, and designs will differ.  If you have a design and color idea, let me know and I will get to work!

Bars weigh approximately 4-5 oz and are $7.00 each.

New product:  Makeup Brush Cleaner Soap
(picture coming soon)

An adorable flower-shaped soap that is easy to hold onto while you clean your brushes.  Very effective, gets even my highly pigmented eye shadows off my brushes in seconds.  With tea tree and lemon essential oils for their clean scent and germ-fighting abilities.


In my philosophy of wasting as little as possible, this fun soap is the result of all those scraps I get from making other batches.  Scented with a fruity blend that mixes perfectly with any soap scraps I can throw at it.

Cucumber Melon

A bright, fresh scent that reminds me of summer

Summer Fun

This is one of my personal favorites and is insanely popular with customers.  Floral and citrus...you can't help but feel happy.

Awapuhi Seaberry

This is a unique tropical scent that I haven't smelled anywhere else and have to say I really enjoy.


This is definitely a beachy scent, with salty sea air and waves gently crashing on the shore.

Mountain Stream
***a best seller***

A twist on a water-type scent, this one is full of bright citrus notes.

Balsam Fir

This reminds me of the fresh smell of balsam that hits me, even through closed windows, as I drive into the Adirondack Forest.

Note: out of stock currently (10/20/16) but I will be making more in the next few weeks.

 Adirondack Forest

Trees in a bed of snow, the air twinkling with glitter and falling snowflakes, with the grounding scent of balsam fir.

Note: out of stock currently (10/20/16) but I will be making more in the next few weeks.


This is a cheerful, green scent that is uplifting not only during the holidays but all year long in my opinion.

Note: out of stock currently (10/20/16) but I will be making more in the next few weeks.

Mint Scrubbie

An energizing blend with a loofah embedded...especially great for the feet, but I use it on my arms and legs too to get rid of dry skin.

Glycerin Soaps
approx 4-5 oz bars
Price: $7.00
Glycerin Soaps:

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