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Soy Candles

Why they're good:
  • Less soot.  All candles emit soot, but you will notice hardly any (or no) black ring inside a soy candle jar. 
  • Natural, renewable resource from soy beans)
  • US grown (support our economy right here in the USA)
  • Great scent throw
  • Cleans up with soap and water (when warm)

My Soy Candles
I've been making soy candles now for years, and have done a lot of testing to find winning combinations of wick, color and fragrance.  Believe me, it's been trial and error, and isn't a cheap hobby to get into.  Candle making is truly an art. Each individual fragrance/color/wick combo has to be tested.  Some candles work, some don't. 

So far, I've had the best luck using two wicks in a large mouth container.  The two wicks create a full melt pool rather quickly, thereby melting all wax to the edges and releasing scent quicker.  The wide mouth jar allows more scent to be released.  I use cotton and paper wicks designed for use in natural waxes. My candles have a good scent throw that isn't overwhelming. 

You can certainly also use these as wickless candles--place them on a candle warmer and let melt from the bottom up!

9 oz Frosted Apothecary Jar with wood lid
Simple, spa-like and elegant.

Candles are made to order.  Please allow 1 week for me to make your candles.


Frosted Apothecary Jar
9 oz
Price: $12.00

This is one of the best-smelling vanillas I've come across (and I've tested a LOT), and it's a staple now in my products.  Buttery, smooth, sweet and bakery all mixed into one vanilla.

This is a delightful scent of berries and vanilla.

This candle throws a very light, clean scent.

Latte Soy Candle
Often mistaken for the real thing, until someone sees the wicks!  Scented with cappuccino fragrance, topped with whipped wax, sprinkled cinnamon, and a cinnamon stick.
Latte Candle
16 oz
Price: $18.00

Getting the most from your soy candle:
Burn your soy candle until it reaches a full melt pool (wax melts completely across container).  For my candles, this takes about 1-2 hours since they are double-wicked.  This will prevent the wax from tunneling downward, giving you the best scent throw.

Common sense stuff:
  • Don't burn near drafty areas or near things that could catch fire.
  • Don't pick up a lit candle or one that's been recently lit (due to the double wicking, the jar can get quite hot).
  • Keep away from children and pets.
  • Stop use when 1/2 inch of wax remains in the bottom of the jar.  Continuing to burn your candle past this point could lead to increased heat in the jar and your glass container shattering.  At this point, you could use the rest of the wax by placing the candle on a candle warmer, which will melt the wax and release fragrance.
  • Never leave a candle unsupervised.
  • It's best to burn your candle no more than 2-3 hours at a time. 
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