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Customer reviews

Thumbs up on the chocolate bath with the honey milk bath tossed in...my daughter said it smells like chocolate and her skin is so soft.  My daughter and wife used the Cotton Candy lotion and their skin looked so good.  My daughter's eczema was nonexistent and my wife is loving everything she used so far.  I'm even going to use some tonight.  Tom, NJ

I know your products say for adult use only but I used some of your soap on my son and it didn't aggravate his eczema.  Yvette, NY

Your lemongrass ginger honey soap cleared up the dry spots on my elbows.  Gary, NY

(Note from yours truly:  I make no medical claims and cannot say my products cure any skin disorder, but it's nice to hear that my products didn't irritate these folks' eczema and helped with dry skin patches).

I love your ginger ale soap.  I even use it on my face and it smells so good.  Kelly, NY

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